the high jump

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Give them what they want. What does this mean? Evaluating your brand to give your customers what they want and at the same time get what you need is how we begin developing a website. Being found is important to your online success, but creating a buzz for your product or generating a solid referral is key to continued success. We start with writing professional search engine friendly content and then add the elements to give a well-rounded view of your company. We set up galleries of photos, digital brochures and create search capabilities for databases. We provide links to online rent paying systems, facebook pages, blogs or twitter accounts and we create custom forms to gather information about your customer. We automaticaly provide submission to major search engines and local search engine directories and we set up and monitor your google analytics to provide up to date information on how visitors found you and what areas they explored. Once your brand has a web presence, we dig even further by creating customer interaction in the next phase of your brand development, which leads us to the decathlon.

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